Software Development

Nearly all business processes and systems can be streamlined to perform better through thoughtful applications that make them faster and easier.

Improve system efficiency with applications for any desktop or mobile platform.

We provide Offshore Product Development Services to global ISVs and enterprises. We combine technology expertise, domain experience and process maturity, to develop innovative software products that enable you to outperform your competition.

As your product development partner, we customize our proven methodology to the context, culture and conditions of your company. That spirit of collaboration begins with a foundation of mutual trust and shared goals.

  • Mobile Apps

    We remain a trusted partner for Mobile Application Development with our multi-platform development experience and backend integration capabilities. You can benefit from our experience, knowledge and skill set in developing for any of the following mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile.

  • Web Applications

    For close to a decade, we have developed innovative web applications that enabled our clients to improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs and time to market. We have a proven track record of developing secure and scalable web applications with intuitive user interfaces.

    We have a proven track record of developing a large number of complex software applications and products with a perfect success rate. We combine passion and ‘go the extra mile’ attitude to ensure that we successfully complete the projects that we undertake.

    Our standards for engineering excellence:

    • We employ solid security mechanisms to protect applications from all internal and external threats.
    • Our scalable technical architectures offer the flexibility to handle evolving requirements and growing user base.
    • We combine intuitive user interface designs with incisive branding to give a great user experience.
    • Modular designs, coding standards and effective documentation enhance the maintainability of the applications we develop.
  • Desktop Software

    We have done a wide variety of desktop applications and these are essential in doing things like controlling scanners and printers. We develop software utilities for various industries across such platforms as Windows, Mac and Linux. Our broad experience allows us to create user-friendly desktop applications tailored to specific needs. We utilize technologies from Delphi, C#, C++ (WinAPI, MFC, WTL), Visual Basic, .NET Framework (WinForms, WPF) to create reliable cross-platform desktop applications:

    • Desktop software for business
    • Various utilities for software
    • Custom applications for client servers
    • Image processing applications

    After many years of work, our application development team has chosen the best practices and adjusted them to the conditions of our company by creating our own flexible and reliable development process. It’s a combination of the Rational Unified Process system (RUP) and agile software development methodology practices.

  • Agile Software Development

    We follow SCRUM, an Agile Software Development practice that enables us to deliver a flexible and adaptive software development experience. We rapidly create working software, in frequent iterations, building the highest priority features first.

    Agile Development has many benefits:

    • Change-friendly approach for an ever changing business environment.
    • Frequent release of demonstrable product drives innovation by fostering brainstorming.
    • Frequent customer feedback facilitates the development of a product that matches customer expectations.
    • Prioritized development ensures that your valuable budget is well spent.

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We have worked with many Fortune 500 and 100 companies in the financial, insurance, biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

We would be happy to provide customer references.

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